On Thursday 23 October our team played first match in Harry Shaw Cup away to Pearl Hyde School.

We were a bit nervous as it was our first competitive game this year, we didn’t start very well and we

conceded a goal early in the game, but we soon picked ourselves up and played very well as a team then

Mustaf equalized to finish first half 1-1. The second half we started well and kept attacking, then a good

pass from Hamza to Djibril who went on from the half way line and hit the ball to score our second goal,

then Mustaf scored our last goal before Pearl Hyde scored their second goal to end the match 3-2 to John

Gulson. Now we are in the next round and we are determined to do well.

Report by: Hamza/Mustaf

Team: Mustaf(C)  Tarek/IMG_20141023_163441 IMG_20141023_163444 IMG_20141023_163449Adeel/Adnan/Hadi/Saalih/Rihan/Djibril/Hamza

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