The week before half term, Year 6 took part in Sikhism workshops. They learnt many new facts and had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Thank you to our visitors!

“On Tuesday 20th May 2014, Year 6 had Sikhism workshops. They rotated around 3 different workshops, run by 3 different visitors. One was an introduction to Sikhism, the second was about the Gurus and the third was all about the 5 K’s.” – SUHAYLA YEAR 6


“My experience of the Sikhism workshop was superb because it was amazing to learn about a different religion.” – ZULAIKHAA YEAR 6images sikhism

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    The Sikh Education Service was pleased to organise these workshops for you and will be delighted to return back to John Gulson Primary in the near future (email / 07968 143546

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