On the 17th of March Sunday 2014,me and my duty group (the purple group)went into the labyrinth! The labyrinth is a place with (5) five chambers, the gold chamber,bronze chamber,diamond chamber,silver chamber,and copper chamber! There is dark,gloomy tubes attached to the chambers so you can go through one chamber to another! We had to solve puzzles and crack codes! There were some objects we had to remember to write a story after we come out of the labyrinth! The objects were a mop,boot,brush,a net,fake toy lizard, a rope and some other objects! There were some tubes which we could talk to the teachers with to see if we got the right answer! This activity was one of my favourites so far and I think it was great fun!
By Fateha!

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  1. Mrs Field

    I am really pleased that you are enjoying working with your new friends from the other school. The labyrinth is super scary in the dark but really exciting at the same time.

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