Today we were dropped off in the woods and had to find our way back to the centre. It took us two hours. They had given us a map with check points on. It was tiring and amazing. When we got back we were congratulated that nobody had got hurt and that we had done it in one of the fastest times ever. I wish I could come back next year and do it again.BY Nabeel

2 Thoughts to “Orienteering”

  1. Mrs Field

    Well done to all the teams for working together and cooperating to make sure you found your way back to the centre safely. Super orienteering skills shown to achieve this. Keep up the team work!

  2. Mrs McLeod

    It sounds like you are having a fabulous time. That activity sounds great. We are very glad that you made it back safely. we look forward to hearing about all of your other adventures. We are enjoying Science week. Say hi to all of the other children and teachers. See you soon.
    Mrs McLeod and 6PM

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