I enjoyed climbing the  energy draining mountain.as soon as we got close to the top

we had a competition to see who will get to the top first!It was tough.first it was salma

then it was saadia  after it was just me and Mr Watson. He said slowly and steady will

do it and I said resilience will guide me. I was huffing and puffing… And then I

actually won!I won! I was that proud of my self I wrote my name on the rocks.

after we snuggled into our warm clothes and ready to see are parents the next day :mrgreen:

One Thought to “On top of Moel Y Hydd”

  1. Mrs Field

    ‘Resilience’, what a fabulous word and exactly what is needed to achieve that climb up the mountain. So glad you had lots of it. Well done, you should feel extremely proud of yourself.

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