On Monday 17th March 2014 John Gulson went to the beach and had an immaculate day. Andrea challenged us to collect lots of different sea creatures and make a home for them. We had to decorate the pots with water and seaweed for the creatures to stay alive. We collected different types of creatures such as shrimps and crabs. Mr Watson had grabbed a small crab and Andrea had grabbed a massive crab once we had collected them we had put them into our small pots so they still stayed alive. Next Andrea told us that we could go anywhere I went to the water and started to throw stones and that was called skimming.Mr Shepherd was a legend at doing it but, Mr Watson wasn’t too keen on it. Miss Bolton was fabulous she was even better than the pair of them. Overall John Gulson had a great time.


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  1. Mrs Field

    Wish I could have been on the beach will you. I love playing in the rock pools. Glad to see the girls are beating the boys at skimming!!!

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