booksOn Tuesday 14th January a specially chosen group of year four children attended an inter school reading competition at Christ the King Primary school, here they competed with seven other schools to win ‘The Coventry Book Bout Award.’ The task was to present a persuasive argument about why the book they had been allocated should be read by all! The following children delivered a FANTASTIC and ENTERTAINING presentation about the book ‘I don’t believe it Archie!’

Hamzah – 4LM, Aatiqah , 4LM, Ayman 4HF, Aryan 4HF, Ankah 4LB and Abdullah 4LB.

I am delighted to announce John Gulson won first prize! We were presented with a certificate and a selection of new books for our library. Very well done children, and a special thank you to Mrs Edgar and Mrs Hunjun for all their help with the presentation.

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  1. Andrew Norriss, the author of I Don’t Believe It, Archie! sends many congratulations to Hamzah, Aatiqah, Ayman, Aryan, Ankah and Abdullah and hopes all of Year 4 enjoyed reading about Archie and Cyd’s adventures. Thank you for encouraging others to read the book too!

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