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Our last school council meeting, held on the 21st October 2013 was a great success. A Chair and Vice Chair were elected after giving persuasive speeches. Congratulations to Owais (Chair) and Hashim (Vice Chair).


Discussed at the meeting were ideas to improve the year 5/6 playground, these included:

  • Climbing frame
  • Lego
  • Quiet areas
  • More play equipment

Mr Hussain said he will report these findings (taken from children across the school) to a Senior Leadership meeting and feedback to the council at the next meeting.

The councillors offered to act as waiters at the Eid coffee morning – which they did beautifully, and were congratulated by parents and staff on their excellent manners.

Mr Hussain asked the councillors to talk to their class and KS1 partner class about possible names for the school corridors, to reflect inspirational people.

Mrs Cambridge (Vice Chair of Governors) congratulated the council on their conduct and positive start to being an effective team.

Mrs Webberley Holmes told year 6 councillors they had been invited to meet Coventry Lord Mayor on 13th November.

All in all, a great second meeting, next meeting 11th November, and an additional special meeting planned for 4th November for Mr Hussain to talk to the council about the history of our school!

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