Over the past few weeks the children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have been campaigning to become school council representatives. There were three potential candidates for each class, who were voted for by their class.

Once the children knew that they were candidates, they then had to set up a campaign group. These groups helped them to make and put up posters around the school, as well as trying to get others to vote for them.

The candidates then had to make a speech about why they would be a good school council rep. This was done in the school hall. There was also a ‘Question and Answer session’ that they took part in.

On Friday 27th September it was the school council election! In the morning was the voting and in the afternoon the results would be announced.

Slowly the nervous children walked quietly towards the election hall. The voting was putting the candidates in suspense. Suddenly the voting began. The teachers voted too! The teachers voting really gave the candidates a fright. The dark, black ballet boxes digested our voting cards like hungry lions waiting to pounce.

The voting was all done in secret and it was very exciting. The Coventry Telegraph came to write a story about our election and interviewed some of the children that were voting.

Later that afternoon we all gathered in the school hall, waiting anxiously for the results. It was nerve racking and exciting for all of the children!

One of the school governors and a Councillor, Mr Galliers, made a speech. He told us some valuable information about the local council elections.

After his speech it was time for RESULTS! First Year 3, then Year 4, then Year 5 and finally it was Year 6’s turn. The three candidates of 6DS were all petrified. Mrs McLeod announced the winner the successful candidate…“Well done Owais!” exclaimed Mrs McLeod. There was lots of cheering for all of the candidates that were the winners.

The successful candidates who joined him were…

  • Hashim (3AC)
  • Taariq (3JC)
  • Rahim (3IY)
  • Ayman (4HF)
  • Siyaad (4HF)
  • Ammarah (4LB)
  • Hadi (4LM)
  • Fiza (5DH)
  • Suhena (5CS)
  • Lailaa (5KW)
  • Sanita (6SC)
  • Hashim (6PM).

Congratulations to all of the winners and the other candidates too! 

By Khadija, Amaan and Moazzan