Today a representative from Water Aid came to visit John Gulson Primary School. The children in Year 5 handed over a cheque for £500!


On the 1st – 5th July Year 5 were involved in a fundraising week. Our goal was to raise £1000 for WaterAid. We sold lots of things like; food, drinks, cakes, sweets, milkshakes etc. We also did a sponsored walk for 3 miles to know how it feels to be a person who doesn’t have clean water and sanitation nearby. We did this around the school playground. We did 5-a-side football matches too. Although we did not meet our target we did manage to raise over £500. We had lots of fantastic ideas, but unfortunately we could only provide some.

Water aid helps 26 countries around the world to have clean water and sanitation. People in poor communities do not have access to clean water and sanitation like us. Children in countries like Bangladesh, India and Ghana have to walk 3 miles to get a bucket full of dirty gruesome water. We, however, just have to turn the tap on and clean water pours out.

We had a great time raising money and are very proud of our achievements.

Written by Moazzan (5SN), Fuaad (5PM) and Muhammad Zayd (5CS).   

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  1. Well done year 5! You raised a great amount of money for a very good cause, so proud of you!

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