Further Statement by Shaukat Hussain, Head teacher, John Gulson Primary School 12/6/13

The Senior Leadership Team are working tirelessly to ensure as little disruption as possible is caused by the continuing industrial action and as many children receive their right to a good education.

On 12 February 2013 Members of the Senior Leadership Team have met with local and regional representatives of both trade unions and representatives from the local authority and listened to the concerns expressed. After careful consideration, and consultation with Governors, it was decided to continue with the implementation of the local authority policy as this would ensure the best outcomes for our children. This decision was shared with both trade unions in a letter dated 1 March 2013.

The monitoring of teaching and learning at John Gulson Primary School is not excessive. This year the following activities have been carried out as part of the monitoring process for our 25 teachers and 22 classes.

  • 44 lesson observations
  • 3 book trawls
  • 2 learning walks

These events are all published on our school planners.

We have not been able to scrutinise lesson plans properly due to the ongoing national ‘action short of strike action’ by the NUT and NASUWT who have told members not to submit lesson plans to members of the senior management team or anyone acting on behalf of the senior management team’.

These monitoring events, along with the scrutiny of assessment data at termly class conferences, have been the only monitoring activities which have taken place this year. This information is evaluated by the SLT and used to inform school self-evaluation.

This monitoring has been used to secure improved outcomes for our children. Due to regular monitoring and evaluation by the SLT attainment and progress have been improving over the past few years.

Many schools within the city have far more rigorous and demanding monitoring and evaluation schedules and it is regrettable that John Gulson Primary School has been singled out for strike action in this national dispute over Performance Management.

The school recognises that teaching is a stressful job, particularly at the moment with so many changes in the national education agenda, and the school works closely with the Local Authority Human Resources department to minimise the impact of this through the Promoting Health at Work process. Unfortunately the continued strike action at John Gulson Primary School is adding to stress at all levels within the school and disrupting the improvements we have been making to our pupil’s attainment and progress.

Once again the trip for one class which had been rearranged from 4th June to 12th June has had to be cancelled for a second time despite reassurances from the NUT local secretary that ‘the unions will ensure that no other such trip is affected’.