5CS performing Macbeth 5CS performing Macbeth 5CS performing Macbeth 5CS performing Macbeth

This morning, Friday 24th May, we performed a play from Shakespeare called Macbeth.  We performed this play as part of our Literacy topic on Classical Literature.

Before the play nearly everyone had butterflies in their tummy, however it went really well.  Mr Shebl said that it was one of the best assemblies he had ever been to!

A special thank you to our teachers Miss Szustakiewicz and Mrs James who put a lot of effort in the assembly.

Aaisha and Wardah, 5CS.

One Thought to “5CS Assembly: we performed Macbeth from Shakespeare!”

  1. Mr Watson

    Well done 5CS – your costumes and pictures look great. I am sorry I couldn’t be there to see this great performance – you can tell me about it after the holiday.

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