Today I woke up as early as possible as we were told we were going to go to the seaside. Before this excitement was going to start we came down stairs to the canteen and had some hot chocolate and made our own sandwiches. In my sandwich I put cheese, cucumber and butter.  After we had made our sandwiches we went to an assembly. This wasn’t  an ordinary assembly like we have in school. After the assembly we went to the seaside that I was looking forward to since I arrived at Plas Dol y Moch. When we got there I was joyfully running around finding souvenirs and all sorts of stuff. After the amazing exploration around the seaside Andrea the lady from Dol-y-Moch that took us to the beach led us to the gigantic ice-cream parlour and brought us all ice-creams!  After the awesome ice-creams we had we came back to Plas Dol y Moch and as we had had such a long tiriing day we went straight to bed!

by Yahya