Today was the muckiest day EVER! In the morning we went to a stupendous river called the Afon Dwyrdd. We had to paddle for 1 mile also we battled the wind because it was pushing us back! But then afterwards the wind and the tide was with us and it pushed in the right direction. (Here’s a tip: When you are canoeing in a river and the wind is with you, put your paddle up and let the wind do all the work).
By Aysha

Today was a brilliant day. We had to go underground and explore what the Victorians used to do in a mine when they looked for lead. It was fun because the water went over our knees and it was freezing COLD! After a while our instructor told us about a man called Mr.Jones who used to have a helpful dog and he worked in the mine. Basically what happened in the story is that Mr.Jones was blown up in a mishap and his dog went to look for his master. Legend says that Mr Jones dog is still alive and looking for his master so if you ever go underground in Bwlch y plwm be very very careful…
By Sumaiyah