Nursery counting waterThis was our third Family Session in the nursery. So far we have celebrated Eid as a focus, next it was reading and this time maths. As an introduction we briefly talked about the importance of numeracy and how this can be introduced at an early age, with examples of numbers as an everyday activity e.g. counting footsteps on the way to nursery, looking at door numbers, counting ducks in the bath, sorting and counting cars/lorries etc. The children then sang and acted out the number rhymes ‘1,2,3,4,5’, and ’10 in the bed’. Parents and children could then access the activities –  numbered bowls with an assortment of objects, number jigsaws, numbers in the sand, number fishing, number tiles to tread on, numbers to order and number colouring sheets.

Nursery counting floor mats

Food plays a part at our sessions – there were sweet pancakes to try and savoury pancakes were made by staff with a recipe to take home. Everyone had handouts with number rhymes and number activities to try at home.

All parents and children seemed to enjoy the session – it is a good time to mix and chat. Our next session will have a phonics/writing focus.