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Incredible Inventions

Monday 18 – Friday 22 February

Drop in any time between 10.30am-12.30pm & 1.30pm- 3.30pm

Inspired by the experiments and discoveries of inventors throughout history, take part in a host of creative workshops that encourage you to make your own amazing art, science and history discoveries!

Monday 18 February

Bags of glue!

Experiment with mark making and decorate a gift bag using coloured glues and a variety of art tools.

Tuesday 19 February

Wheely wonderful watches

Inspired by the intricate working parts inside a watch, make an art work using print techniques.

Wednesday 20 February

Optical Illusions

Experiments in art have led to new art movements and styles. Inspired by the Herbert op art piece have a go at making your own illusion art to play tricks on your eyes!

Thursday 21 February

Balloon rockets

A classic but a goodun! Can you be the next Frank Whittle, the Coventry born inventor of the jet engine?

Friday 22 February

Transport of the future

Celebrate Coventry’s contribution to transport – for budding inventors, use junk modelling to invent and build then next big thing…

Content suitable for 4+ but all are welcome .All children must be accompanied by an adult. As busy times you may be asked to wait.

Coventry Heritage & Arts Trust
Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Jordan Well