Our football team had a great night at the Football League Community Cup qualifications at AT7 Centre last night.

We played very well at the group stages and topped the group with 7 points after drawing first match against Manor Park School and then beat Cannon Maggs 4-0 and St Andrews Benn 2-0 to qualify to the Quarter-Final.

The Quarter-Final was a very tough match against Chetwynd School, they were strong built young-men and played very good football, we lost 4-0 to them and they went on to reach the final which will be played at the Ricoh Arena on 19th January, we wish them luck.

Big thanks to all parents who came out in such cold weather to support their children and the team.

3 Thoughts to “Top of the group but out in the quarter-final”

  1. Mr. Ahmed

    Well done to the football team. They have made the school very proud of their achievements this year. keep up the good work. The football team v staff match next year will be interesting. Of course the staff will win!!!

  2. I dont think so Mrs Ahmed The School football team is a group of great strong built young-men and will play very well

  3. Mr Watson

    Well done to the football team. I have enjoyed watching your matches this year. My feet have just about warmed up after a chilly night at AT7! Keep on winning. 🙂

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