On Wednesday 27th June, Year 6 went to Drayton Manor. We were all split up into groups, my group was all girls with Mrs James.We took a 40 minute journey there and waited for our tickets. When we finally got our tickets we were so eager to get on all the rides! Most of us went on the Buffalo Coaster, then we went on the Flying Dutchman and some brave people went on Pandamonium!

“Drayton Manor was absolutely amazing. We had a wonderful time. This was my first time. I thought it was the best trip ever. My favourite was the Ben 10 Rollercoaster.” By Tanzila


“After conquering that fear we all went on Stormforce 10 where we waited for a very long time just to get soaking wet!

Afterwards, we had some lunch and went to the gift shop before going to the Haunted House which was sick! Then we went on Splash Canyon. Near the end Mrs James said we could go on any ride we wanted to, so we made the most of the last few minutes. Overall the day was nothing but fun! It would be cool if the other Year 6 children could respond to this post and say what their favourite rides were.”
By Nafisa Azeem, 6JR

“We had a fabulous day at Drayton Manor, everyone was so excited to go on the rides. My favourite ride was the Splash Canyon. After we ate we spent our money in the gift shop.” By Sanya

“The best ride in Drayton Manor for me was Stormforce 10. Although it was scary and I was anxious incase I fell off – I was delighted to get soaked!!” By Halima



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  1. eesaa

    my favorite was this ride it in air in circles. by eesaa 6mm

  2. Farjana Begum

    I can’t wait to go Drayton Manor in year6!

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