Recently children at John Gulson School were lucky enough to have a visit from the fantastic children’s author Roger Stevens. This was part of the Coventry Literary Festival – we were pleased to welcome friends from St.Mary’s primary school along for the afternoon.

Years four, five and six took part in the afternoon workshop and were very enthusiastic about the event! Roger read extracts of his writing, told funny stories and inspired all the children and grown ups! At the end of the afternoon children were lucky enough to be able to purchase copies of his books and have them autographed!

A huge thank you to Roger Stevens for giving us such a wonderful afternoon!

Suzanne Webberley
English Subject Leader
Standards Leader








Meeting Roger Stevens was a great pleasure for John Gulson. I am very proud that I was

able to represent the school during his visit, by standing up at the front and doing oneof his fun activities which really inspired everybody. Whilst he was reading his humorous poems, all the children were really enjoying themselves and laughing. Mr Stevens introduced his brand new book ‘The Comic Cafe’ and read us the first part. He also read out parts from other books and anthologies which he had written. At the end of the assembly he read out his most frigh

tening poem! He built the suspense throughout the poem and everyone was quiet and attentive. Right at the end when everyone was on the edge of their seats he shouted the last word of the poem at the top of his voice which made everybody in the room jump with fright. We all really enjoyed Roger Stevens’ visit and we would love for him to come again!
By Yaqoub (Year 5)

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