Children in 5AG maths group have tried a new, free maths website called Zondle. Here is what they thought of it:

  • There are fun games to play (Esha)
  • You can improve your maths skills (Mahida)
  • You can play ‘Penalty Shot’ and ‘Chick flick’! (Nahid)
  • You can play at home, it’s free! (Hanibal)
  • Make a free account to play all the games and levels (Yahya)

Have a go!

2 Thoughts to “Maths Resource – Zondle!”

  1. Mahida

    I think if you want your brains to be going there’s a simply and easy way to do it which is by going on

  2. I think you are right Mahida about if you want your brain going i like that idea and i really will achive to carry on playing the games and get my brain going. Hey i stole your word. I stole it because i thought it was very intresting to me.

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