I thought year 5 was going to be scary, because there were new teachers and new things to learn. (Ayrin)

On the first day we were reunited with all our friends. The classroom was painted all white. We had a brilliant morning working on our dream bedroom. We had £1000 to spend. We cut out pictures from the Argos catalogue. We purchased things such as a bed a laptop and an amazing TV. (Tracy and Farjana)

Then we cut out the furniture carefully, for a boarder. Once the paper was cut out everyone had A3 paper and stuck the furniture on our dream bedroom sheet. (Mahida, Farah and Aysha)

It was exciting. We made name cards to help our teacher to learn our names, and bookmarks for ourselves. (Muna and Farida)

In the afternoon we did our spelling test. For the last few words of the test Mr Geddes put a Rubix cube on his head so we could remember the conversation we’d had. (Tracy and Farjana)

We also played to game called ‘the web’ and ‘two facts and a lie’. (Muna and Farida)

We have also started our class story, about a boy called ‘Billy the Kid’. When Billy was little his dad bought him a football from France. He played for Chelsea and his friend Ozzie said “the only way to watch football is to earn your money” cleaning boots. Billy started to go to Chelsea to clean boots and watch the game. Soon he was allowed to play for Chelsea FC! He stopped playing for Chelsea when his brother died in the war. Billy then got very angry, and decided to go to war in Germany. (Sozear and Mahmood)

Now Mr Geddes has told us a website that we could use to work on and we have enjoyed it. We are looking forward to the rest of the year! (Yahya and Wasim)

27 Thoughts to “Recounts – Starting Year 5”

  1. farjana

    Thankyou for putting mine and tracys recount twice. 🙂
    Was our one good! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Mahida

      Your’s and Tracy’s recount was so posh that I did’nt know you wrote it until I saw your name underneath it:)

      1. Farjana

        Thakyou Mahida yours was to!

    2. husnaa

      Your right Mahida.It dose actully sound posh

      1. farjana

        Thx Husnaa 🙂 🙂

    3. Mahida

      If I was Mr Geddes I would give Farjana a million meret marks for her recount because it was so good!
      LOL 😀

  2. Farida

    Hello Mr Geddes thank you for puting mines & muna’s recount:) Did think our one was good? Bye see you on Monday Mr Geddes

    1. farjana

      Yours was great Farida 😛

  3. Mahida

    Hello Mr Geddes, thank you for putting mines, Farah’s and Aysha’s recount on this website. Did you enjoy reading it?

    1. Mr Geddes

      Hi Mahida. I did enjoy reading it – it was excellent!

      1. Farida

        Mr Geddes was everbodys one great ? 🙂

    2. Yes i think he really did enjoy it it was exelent! 🙂 😮

  4. Tahira

    hi mr Geddes! Its Tahira Choudhury, remember me?!:) i was in your maths class:) We’re in year 8 now and iim LOVING it:D i’m sure we are all remembereded as the best year you’ve ever had no doubt.;p cool site you’ve got going on, my sister’s in your class.:)

    1. Farjana

      Tahira Mr Geddes already found out that Mahida is your sister

  5. Farida

    Hi Mahida,Farjana I liked your recount 🙂

    1. farjana

      Thankyou Farida I liked yours to. 🙂

      1. Mahida

        Thanks Farida!
        I also liked your acount too 🙂

        1. Mahida

          I mean I liked Farida’s recount 😀

      2. Farida no doubt but your’s was so posh even Mahida’s and Farjana no jokes hope you liked my paragraph me and Wasim.w wrote!!!

  6. farjana

    It’s so sad Ayrin left her Recount is still here 😉

    1. Mahida

      It is sad 🙁

      1. Hope one day her computer or laptop the john gulson Websie will just pop-up on her screen and she could see her recount and remember it!!! 😉 Did you seem to see i wrote imagine or not!!! :O

    2. I meant to say John Gulson School Website!!! LOL WEBSIE!! 😉 🙂 😮

  7. Aysha

    I agree with Mahida.

  8. Count me in it is really sad! 😉

  9. Can you Mr Geddes put that website http//:www.wallwisher.com???????

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