It’s the start of a new year, and 5AG are already hard at work. We’ve been talking about ‘impressions’, and how you can give a good impression of yourself by doing just a few simple things! Here are some examples we thought of today:

  • Be positive by trying something even if it’s tricky or new
  • Be respectful by treating everyone as an equal
  • Be generous by giving gifts or offering your time to help someone
  • Be polite by using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’
  • Be helpful by picking things up that others have dropped
  • Be reliable by doing what you say you will do
  • Be faithful by sticking with your friends even if you have an argument
  • Be sociable by welcoming new children to the school

15 Thoughts to “Impressions of Me”

  1. Farjana

    I enjoyed doing impressions


    2. Mahida

      Me too 😀
      I also enjoyed it.

  2. In year 5 we been working really hard for our subjects.Mr Gediss has been reading 5ag a story called Billy the kid.When Mr Gediss read this this story we all noticed there was to parts in the story. I will tell you some parts about the story. It started of by Billy playing football with a tennis ball with his dad.Soon later billys dad past away because he had a bad couf from all the gun gas in orld wor 1. Then Billy got scouted by ossie his stepped dad .

    1. farjana

      U missed some words out Muhammed Yasin 🙂

      1. Mahida

        Muhammad Yasin missed made some words, letters and spellings incorrect 😀

  3. In PE we have been doing roanders .The rules for rounders well firstly you have listen to referee.To make a rounder you must run aroud the base however if there is one of your players on one do not run past them or you will be out . we were having a match bu sadly after a bit it started to rain.

    1. husnaa

      I abserloutly enjoyed playing rounders and we had all the best players other team however got all the bes people OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT but i scored a rounder and ovortunetly my teamwon the first round.

      1. i think we might win when we finish our round of rounders!

        1. farjana

          The 2nd week when we started playing Rounders i was the Captian and i felt uncomfortable but it was worth it because i had a mearate mark 🙂 YAY!!! But now i aint the captian anymore now people don’t have to count on me WHOOHOO!!

      2. Mahida

        I enjoy bench ball and rouders in P.E its so fun 😀

  4. husnaa

    I enjoyed impressions of me and experemented that if you do aaction ou can eselly no your impressionAlso that was my best starting of any year.

  5. Farida

    hi it was hard thinking of what your friends becayse thay are so helpful 🙂

  6. Mahida

    Its amazing that just by doing impressions someone can point out how you feel 🙂

  7. impression’s are really helpful in your life and future they’re simply the same as emotions 😉 🙂 😮

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