On Monday 11th July, Year 5 visited Warwick Castle for our end of year school trip. We had a fantastic time watching archers, birds of prey, trebuchet catapults and much more. We also got very tired legs climbing the ramparts – it was 530 steps! Here are some pictures from the day.



8 Thoughts to “Warwick Castle Trip”

  1. Hamzah

    This looked like a fantastic trip to Warwick Castle, I hope we can go next year!

    1. I hope I can go there next year!

  2. wasim

    Mr Geddes does Warick castle have a gift shop on so I can purchase somthing for my brother and sister?

    1. Mr Geddes

      Yes Wasim, it does! Start saving your money now!

  3. I want to go to the gift shop and Warwick Castle it seems so fun i cant wait………

  4. Farjana

    Mr Geddes how much money can we take because i already collected £50 in london 😉

    1. farjana

      I can’t wait until we go Wawick Castle when are we gonna go Mr Geddes

  5. Warwick Castle it seems so fun i cant wait……… Don’t you? 🙂

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