Slowly, Theseus and the prisoners swaggered through the island of Crete. The king’s charming daughter, Ariadne, whispered to Theseus ‘I will help you’. She thought her father was very cruel. She gave Theseus a ball of long string and a dagger to kill the filthy minotaur. Theseus unwound the long strong. Theseus crept through the enormous labyrinth. Theseus spotted the four headed minotaur. Theseus quickly got into a hiding place and started to shoot the minotaur on the head. Suddenly, the heads started growing each time Theseus shot the minotaur! Suddenly Theseus got a fantastic idea. Theseus climbed quickly to the top of a 50 foot tall mansion and started to shoot the fearsome minotaur. It missed. Finally, Theseus got his rocket launcher and shot the minotaur and the minotaur slowly and eventually struck the disgusting ground.

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  1. Hope i will go on that wall in the future!!!!!!

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