9 Thoughts to “Year 5 Tangrams”

  1. This website was magnificent! aswell as playing tangrams I played Shop till you drop
    At first I thought It would be boring but I was wrong! like most people say “You never know what somthing is like. I would like to say a special thanks to Mr Geddes for maths because Im one of thoes people that are poor at maths but he helps me so THANK YOU SO MUCH.
    plus I APPRECIATE your help ever so much From Bismah 5JR

  2. Zuned

    I love this website its fun and a good website for children i really enjoyed it.

  3. Mariyum

    The tangrams game is really good. it is hard. good for children.

  4. I finished level 3 in 13 seconds im the best!!!!

  5. I think this program is the best site for children because it helps them to learn shapes.

  6. Sanya

    This website is brilliant but one of the level was hard so Tanzila helped me out. But am gonna have another try!

  7. Farjana

    I love that website it’s the best website for kids. Thank you Mr Geddes.

    1. so it is the best website for children! 😮

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