The builders have been hard at work over the half term holidays, and the new year 1 and year 2 corridor is almost finished! Here’s a sneak peek …


7 Thoughts to “Building Work Continues at John Gulson”

  1. Romana

    i love the tiles oh and please do donate money to the school if you want clean tiolets like that and if you want new classrooms.
    Year 5 /5NR/

  2. I know plus we would really like it if u could change the year 6 class room. Thanks!

  3. Our head teacher is delighted if you help him to give money and we will have a good school where you will be educated quikly!!! thank you from yahya!!!!

  4. Hope you love the newly painted classrooms and new carpet’s they smell new huuuh ahhhh! nice smell hope you like them!!!

  5. Farjana

    Our headteacher will be soo happy so please make sure you donate money for a better school and better classes

  6. i love how the school is rebuilt because in the year1 & 2 toilets the tiles on the walls and on the floor is beautiful and astonishing.

    thank you builders for all the hard work and effort you have put in.

  7. Our school is turning out good ain’t it? Whayt do you think i surely think it is.

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