Here is a fantastic poem about good relationships, from Umair in 5AG. More will be added soon.

A good relationship will always be true,

Through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter too.

A good relationship is like a beautiful flower,

It goes as high as the tallest tower.

A good relationship is shared between two,

It benefits me, and it benefits you.

A good relationship is like the golden sun,

And it’s similar to two friends sharing a bun.

A good relationship is like a bunch of stars,

They start close together, and end afar.

A good relationship is like my dad and mum,

Put them together, and they stick like gum!

3 Thoughts to “Relationship Poems”

    1. nicely presented aren’t they?

  1. Sadia.N

    Awesome poem!

    Hi Mr Geddes 😀
    I’m Back!!! 😛
    if you read this give a shout-out to everyone for me.
    I miss John Gulson a lot, wish i could turn the days back. Unfortunatly, it can’t be done…
    (Believe me, i’ve tried!)
    Anyway, hope you’re all well…
    From Sadia. (6AG 2009 – 2010 <3) =) (Now at ~Finham Park~ ) xx

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