Children are the Heart of the School

Today members of the School Council and Governing body had the difficult task of choosing the phase winners for the School Councils ‘Valentines Day’ class competition. Everyone was very impressed by the Read More

We will Remember

Children in Year 1 have been learning about Remembrance Sunday and have created their own poppies to remember. Read More

Voting commences for John Gulsons 2017-2018 School Council

Children had the opportunity to vote for class representatives for this years student council. Each child was given a voting slip to make their choice which they then posted into the ballot Read More

Blots and Blots of Paint!

This week, the children in Nursery have been making marks with paint by using pipettes. They had to learn how to use them, with their teachers helping them to squeeze the handles, Read More

An Amazing Day At Ash End Farm

Year 1 have started their new topic ‘Food glorious Food’ by visiting the farm to find out where all our food comes from. Read More

JG Girls’ Football Team in Wembley!

On Saturday 13th May, girls from the JG Football Team attended the Women’s FA Cup Final 2017 at Wembley Stadium in London!  It was a fantastic day with good weather, great company Read More


We can use describing words

In Reception, children have been learning to write sentences using describing words. The teachers modelled how to write the sentences, then the children had a go for themselves. They were given an object to describe and were then asked to write sentences, independently. Lots of wonderful sentences were written using describing words.  Keep up the good work!

Murder at John Gulson!

Shockwaves were felt throughout Year 6 this morning when the children arrived to find that a murder had taken place in their classrooms! As they entered the class, they found that tables had been turned upside down, pens, pencils and books had been scattered across the floor and the outline of the victim’s body was laid out on the floor.

The children worked very hard to look for clues and piece them together, using their amazing inference and deduction skills to work out what happened. The local police force sent the children a video, asking them to investigate further and file an official police report, which we can’t wait to get writing!

Science Week!

John Gulson enjoyed learning about about ‘Exploration and Discovery’ during National Science Week. The whole school enjoyed attending ‘Hands on Science Workshops’. In KS1 and EYFS the children learnt all about different types of energy and created their own rockets. In KS2 the children learnt about spacecraft and the need to protect the astronauts during landing. Then they worked with a partner to create their own landing craft and tested it by placing an egg in the landing craft and dropping it from a height.


Premier League Primary Stars Football Tournament

On Tuesday 13th March, our Year 3/4 boys and girls football team went to Blue Coat Secondary School to participate in the Premier League Primary Stars Football Tournament.

There were many child as there were 8 other schools playing in the tournament, we played 6 games in total; we drew 4 of them and won 2.

It was a sunny afternoon and we all enjoyed all the matches, at the end everyone who played the tournament was given a medal for taking part.

Team: Suhaip – Courtney – Mohammad K – Heba – Ahmadou – Mawada – Samuel – Mina – Hassan K – M. Ibrahim

More Snow – but the learning goes on!

School is open as normal in the morning (19/3/18). Lots of lovely learning awaits as we recover from yet more snow. We look forward to seeing you in the morning.