We will Remember

Children in Year 1 have been learning about Remembrance Sunday and have created their own poppies to remember. Read More

Voting commences for John Gulsons 2017-2018 School Council

Children had the opportunity to vote for class representatives for this years student council. Each child was given a voting slip to make their choice which they then posted into the ballot Read More

Blots and Blots of Paint!

This week, the children in Nursery have been making marks with paint by using pipettes. They had to learn how to use them, with their teachers helping them to squeeze the handles, Read More

An Amazing Day At Ash End Farm

Year 1 have started their new topic ‘Food glorious Food’ by visiting the farm to find out where all our food comes from. Read More

JG Girls’ Football Team in Wembley!

On Saturday 13th May, girls from the JG Football Team attended the Women’s FA Cup Final 2017 at Wembley Stadium in London!  It was a fantastic day with good weather, great company Read More

Music To Our Ears!

This week the children in Nursery have been exploring how to use a range of musical instruments. They have had great fun (and made an awful lot of noise!) pressing buttons on Read More


Husnaa’s Burning City

Husnaa has painted this very powerful image of a burning city during the Blitz in WWII.

Well done Husnaa!


Saif’s World War II Research

What was World War 2?

In the 20th Century there were two ‘world wars’. Many countries were affected by the wars. The first war lasted from 1914 to 1918. Although it was fought mostly in Europe, people called it the first world war. The second world war began in 1939, and ended in 1945. It lasted for 6 years.

World war 2 was fought between two groups of countries. On one side were the Axis powers, including Germany, Italy and Japan. On the other side were the Allies. They included Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Soviet Union, China and the USA.

Make Do and Mend

During the second world war, people were encourage to ‘make-do and mend’. If a chair broke, you mended it. If your sock had a hole, you got a needle and thread to repair it. Clothes rationing lasted from 1941 until 1949.

Well done for all this extra research, Saif! –Mr Geddes.

Football: John Gulson 10 – 0 Hearsall Common

On the 19th of October, John Gulson football team played Hearsall Common Community School. The turn-out of the fans was great, because we had at least 45 people watching us. John Gulson’s line-up was:

  • Goalkeeper: Jaber
  • Defenders: Zuned, Eesaa, Wajahat (C)
  • Midfielders: Muhammad Yasin, Hanibal. Yaqoub
  • Subs: Abdul, Anes, Shakeel, Asim

Everybody played great, but especially Wajahat our captain, who did a great job defending.

Muhammad scored right at the start with a great goal, then Yaqoub scored another. After a while, Shakeel put one in the back of the net, from Yaqoub’s assist. Anes (hat-trick) and Abdul finished the game off with several astonishingly good goals.

The defenders and played extremely well, not conceding a single goal. Also, Jaber had a good game in goal, making some fine saves. The other team nearly scored by hitting the crossbar. They were very good sports, and never gave up.

Thank you for all of your support. We hope you keep it up!

By Yaqoub Imran and Muhammad Yasin.

Leapfrog Investigation

Here is the leapfrog investigation that 5AG have been working on in maths. Remember – it is very important to record your answers in a clear and organised way.


Good luck!

Recounts – Starting Year 5

I thought year 5 was going to be scary, because there were new teachers and new things to learn. (Ayrin)

On the first day we were reunited with all our friends. The classroom was painted all white. We had a brilliant morning working on our dream bedroom. We had £1000 to spend. We cut out pictures from the Argos catalogue. We purchased things such as a bed a laptop and an amazing TV. (Tracy and Farjana)

Then we cut out the furniture carefully, for a boarder. Once the paper was cut out everyone had A3 paper and stuck the furniture on our dream bedroom sheet. (Mahida, Farah and Aysha)

It was exciting. We made name cards to help our teacher to learn our names, and bookmarks for ourselves. (Muna and Farida)

In the afternoon we did our spelling test. For the last few words of the test Mr Geddes put a Rubix cube on his head so we could remember the conversation we’d had. (Tracy and Farjana)

We also played to game called ‘the web’ and ‘two facts and a lie’. (Muna and Farida)

We have also started our class story, about a boy called ‘Billy the Kid’. When Billy was little his dad bought him a football from France. He played for Chelsea and his friend Ozzie said “the only way to watch football is to earn your money” cleaning boots. Billy started to go to Chelsea to clean boots and watch the game. Soon he was allowed to play for Chelsea FC! He stopped playing for Chelsea when his brother died in the war. Billy then got very angry, and decided to go to war in Germany. (Sozear and Mahmood)

Now Mr Geddes has told us a website that we could use to work on and we have enjoyed it. We are looking forward to the rest of the year! (Yahya and Wasim)