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John Gulson is happy to announce that the new Forest school team are excited at carrying out the delivery of Forest school across the school. Watch this space to see what the children are learning.
Mrs Tiernan - Forest school leader - Early Years DSCF0192 DSCF0196 DSCF0199
Mrs Tiernan Forest School Leader Early Years Miss Begum Year 1 Mrs Potter Year 3/4 Mr Nash Year 5/6

Year 1 Amazing Animal Hunt

This week Year 1 have been investigating the amazing animals in our environment. They looked at micro-habitats and discovered the minibeasts living in them and they used a magnifying glass to look at the animals in greater detail.

Natures Detectives


This week in Outdoor Learning Year 2 have been exploring the environment to investigate the different colours in nature. They went on a nature colour hunt and discovered a variety of objects with different colours, materials and texture.

Year 5 making frames in Outdoor Learning!

Pupils from Year 5 worked in small groups to create frames out of the natural environment using the different types of knots and lashed they have been learning and practising in the past two weeks.

They used the Timber-hitch knot, clove-hitch knot and diagonal lashings to securely fasten four branches together to make a frame which they can use in other activities.

Next week they are going to make a flying mechanism using the natural resources and appyling their knowledge on knots and lashes.

Year 5 in the Forest School

This week the Year 5 Forest School team took part in activities to get more interactive with nature and work on their team-building skills.

The children working in groups of 3 played Magic Sticks which intended to improve their team-building skills and communication. The children had a very good go at trying to beat the challenge and hopefully next week they will crack it!

The children took part in two further activities which involved listening to the noises within the Forest School area and also getting to know the trees better by coming up with questions to interview the trees. These activities improved the children’s listening skills and to challenge their imagination!





Leaf Man in Year 1 Forest School

Year 1 had an amazing time in Forest School this week. First they got to read the story of the Leaf Man and then were able to make their very own leaf man to take home.