John Gulson produces ‘Golden Writers’ our children enjoy writing and strive for the best at all times. Children carry a writing portfolio throughout the school with examples of their very best work which follows them throughout their school journey. Time is given to redrafting, refining and publishing best work.
Children have lots of opportunities to develop their writing skills at John Gulson. From the very beginnings of mark making in Early Years to the producing of narratives with chapters in year six!
Here are some of the ways writing and reading are taught in our school:

• Learning stories for re-telling in year one and two which leads to children having a great understanding of story structure and how to write their own stories.
• Regular story time across the whole school to enable children to learn fantastic new vocabulary and develop their story writing skills.
• Poetry teaching in all classes using inspiring poetry to learn to recite and use as a model for writing.
• A Golden Writing lesson once a week for all classes from year 2-6. This lesson allows children to write at length and with guided support where appropriate.
• Clear teaching of grammar, spelling and handwriting to support the writing process across all classes in school.
• A ‘Word of the Week’ is taught in all classes in school, to support building a high level vocabulary for all children.
• Use of high quality texts to support the writing of fiction and non- fiction writing.
• All of our English units of work are related to our topic so children get a great opportunity to write in lots of different ways and for lots of purposes across the curriculum. The topics we study in school are attached below.
• Phonics teaching supports the teaching of reading (see additional information) as does reading comprehension lessons and Guided reading sessions in all classes, which happens four times weekly, using high quality texts.
For further information about English at John Gulson please contact:

Mrs Webberley Holmes – English subject leader/Assistant Head teacher

Mr Mackintosh – English support Key Stage Two

Miss Lynch – Phonics support Key Stage One/Early Years

Click here to see the English National Curriculum


Topics for each year group

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 1 Where in the World?

(Exploring different countries)

Introduction to Victorians

Viking Attack Fabulous Flowers Food Glorious Food
Year 2 Space study Victorians Down Under


Year 3 Rainforest study Marvellous Mercia




Year 4 Walking with Dinosaurs and the Stone Age The Roman Empire The Great Outdoors


Year 5 Egyptians Water World War Two
Year 6 Ancient Greeks On the move

Exploration of different countries