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Voting commences for John Gulsons 2017-2018 School Council

Children had the opportunity to vote for class representatives for this years student council. Each child was given a voting slip to make their choice which they then posted into the ballot box.

Cadbury World

Today the children in 3JT performed an assembly that was out of this ‘GALAXY’. They were all amazing and had remembered their words really well. Not one child was ‘WISPA’ing during the performance and we could hear every single word. We don’t wish to ‘DAIRY MILK’ it but we thought every one of them were amazing! They were all very supportive to one another and nobody was a ‘malTEASER’. Thank you to all the parents that came to show their support today. We hope you all enjoyed the ‘BOUNTY’ of facts!

Our New School Council

school-council-logo-2016Congratulations to all our winner and well done to all the people who entered the election campaign. There were some lovely posters created and some passionate speeches made during the run up to the ‘Big Vote!’ Thank you to everyone who did vote!
The new school councillors are:

3JT Heba 5BJ Melat
3MV Mawada 5HM Umar
3SN Arezu 5MP Maira
4HF Navaeh 6CS Simranpreet
4HS Omar 6DM Turab
4BW Sara 6LM Shihaab

Parents and Children Celebrating Diversity Week

Parents and children from 3AG, 3JT and 3MV came together on Tuesday 12th July, 2016 to celebrate diversity week. The children had been allocated a diverse range of ethnicities to research over the week and have been looking at flags of the countries. They have used their design, art, maths and cooking skills to produce cookies decorated with the flag of their selected country. Everybody had a fantastic time and the flags certainly looked amazing. Thank you to all parents who took the time to join in and help all of the children, it was greatly appreciated.

Mad Science After School Club

Our new after school scientist have completed their first mission! They raced a balloon rocket, learnt all about thrusts and built their own shuttle Copter which they sent, high up into the sky! Here are a few pictures below;

Great Pupil Challenge Winners

Pupils have been working hard at home to complete the Great pupil Challenge. Children are enjoying collecting their certificates and medals each week. Below are some examples of the fantastic challenges they have completed.

disgusting milk shake

Q: Write the ingredients for a disgusting smoothie

  • Disgusting recipe for a disgusting smoothie
  • A  pile of rank elephant poo
  • 1 drop of blood from an ill chicken’s bottom
  • 3 grams of saliva from an outraged giant
  • 1 cup of moldy cheese and bogey paste
  • A bottle of out of date milk
  • a pinch of sugar
  • and a handful of salt.

Firstly, don’t wash your hands and put out your ingredients.
Secondly, grab your stinking elephant poo and mix it with your unpleasant cup of moldy cheese and bogey paste to form a type of liquid.
Thirdly, add your drop of blood from an ill chicken’s bottom to your poo and paste mixture.
After that, stir in your bottle of out of date milk, it should look creamy now with very spoiled smell to go with it.
Next, pour the mixture into a blender, add the rest of your very distasteful ingredients and blend.
When you have finished, add your pinch of sugar and a handful of salt to add a bit of flavor.
mmmmm, yummy there’s your disgusting smoothie.
By: Shocking Sulayfa  Year 4


whos in the looQ: Write about a memory or experience of your own that is similar to something you have read in your book.

Once my dad was in the loo and I needed to go too. And that reminds me of the book ‘Who’s in the loo! There once were two children who were desperate to go to the loo, just like me!

Umayr Year 1

E-Safety  Competition Winners

A big thank you to all the children who entered the E-Safety leaflet competition. It was very interesting reading all the information you had presented in the form of a leaflet, but unfortunately we (Mr Cross and Miss Verdi) could only choose three winners from KS2

Well done to the following children:

A special prize goes to Aisha (1GG) in KS1 for entering the competition too.

Thank you all for submitting your entries, the standard was very high and you made picking a winner very difficult. Here are all the entries from the runners up:

Mad Science Company Visits School

Thank you to the ‘Mad Science’ company for providing two fantastic Assemblies and inspiring the scientific minds of our children.
Atomic Anna was great and showed us lots of fun experiments with the help of some volunteers.
If you would like your child to take part in extra science activities after school, please complete the form that was sent home with your child.

Half Term Story Telling Workshop

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a number of 7 – 11 year olds to take part in a storytelling and drama workshop for free during the half term break. This will involve listening to storytelling, some creative writing, drama games, and experimenting with stories to create their own performance in small groups. We have Jack Zipes visiting from the US who founded a storytelling program in schools in Minneapolis. For one morning on the 2nd of June 10am-12noon Jack has volunteered to run a storytelling experience for Coventry youth. Please can you forward this to interested parents to get in touch as soon as possible with Emma Parfitt at, or leave Emma a message on 07596865481, to reserve your place.

This event has been made possible by an IAS residential fellowship, the support of the Humanities Research Fund and the Departments of Sociology and English & Comparative Literary Studies

Coventry City Council will provide a room for the event to take place, more details to follow once you have registered.

Pen Licence – Now Open To Year 3

After the success of pen licences across years 4, 5 and 6 we are delighted to offer children in year 3 the opportunity to acquire a pen licence if they use perfect handwriting and presentation. Looking forward to finding out who is our first year 3 child to be issued a licence!