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Children are the Heart of the School

Today members of the School Council and Governing body had the difficult task of choosing the phase winners for the School Councils ‘Valentines Day’ class competition. Everyone was very impressed by the amazing designs.  WELL DONE everyone.

The winners are:

Phase 1 = RBS   runner up Nursery AM

Phase 2 = 1JR  runner up 2CP

Phase 3 = 3PM runner up 4IM

Phase 4 = 5BJ   runner up 6CS

Healthy Bodies with Hands on Science in year 3

Year 3 had a great morning learning more about Healthy Bodies. They had a visitor in from ‘Hands-on’ Science who talked to the children about what they need to do to keep their bodies healthy. Children took part in various investigations and had a thoroughly enjoyable morning. They learnt many new, interesting facts and the children especially loved finding out how much sugar was in one can of Cola and how much fat in one single Pringle!

3PM Class Assembly

Year 3 performed their class assembly today and they did an absolute fantastic job! They performed their version of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ linked to their learning around the theme ‘Chocolate.’ They all did an amazing job and we are thoroughly proud of them all. There was some superb acting, singing and narration. Two children even sang solo! A special ‘well done’ to Dylan and Hasnain for stepping in to fill roles that they have not rehearsed for. Well done again and thank you for all of the parental support, helping children learn lines at home and providing some wonderful costumes.

Congratulations to the ‘Picture perfect for Pudsey’ Winners

Well done to all those children who entered the Student Council Competition last week.  Here are the winners:


Welcome to the new School Council

A  very big welcome to the 2017 – 2018 school council representatives:

Year 3 reps are – Aisha Chaudhary, Ahmad Zubair and Aisha Bismillah

Year 4 reps are – Courtney Billingham, Zaina Shahzad and Alesha NIsa

Year 5 reps are – Zaynah Fallon, Rahim Ahmed and Isa Azeem

Year 6 reps are – Samuel Chapangara, Mohammed Salahuddin and Husnaa Shaikh

Their first job has been to help raise money for ‘Children in Need’ this week when they launched a drawing competition.  The councilors have raised £21.76  for Pudsey.  Well done! When they had collected all the entrees in they had the job of choosing the winners.


Voting commences for John Gulsons 2017-2018 School Council

Children had the opportunity to vote for class representatives for this years student council. Each child was given a voting slip to make their choice which they then posted into the ballot box.

Cadbury World

Today the children in 3JT performed an assembly that was out of this ‘GALAXY’. They were all amazing and had remembered their words really well. Not one child was ‘WISPA’ing during the performance and we could hear every single word. We don’t wish to ‘DAIRY MILK’ it but we thought every one of them were amazing! They were all very supportive to one another and nobody was a ‘malTEASER’. Thank you to all the parents that came to show their support today. We hope you all enjoyed the ‘BOUNTY’ of facts!

Our New School Council

school-council-logo-2016Congratulations to all our winner and well done to all the people who entered the election campaign. There were some lovely posters created and some passionate speeches made during the run up to the ‘Big Vote!’ Thank you to everyone who did vote!
The new school councillors are:

3JT Heba 5BJ Melat
3MV Mawada 5HM Umar
3SN Arezu 5MP Maira
4HF Navaeh 6CS Simranpreet
4HS Omar 6DM Turab
4BW Sara 6LM Shihaab

Parents and Children Celebrating Diversity Week

Parents and children from 3AG, 3JT and 3MV came together on Tuesday 12th July, 2016 to celebrate diversity week. The children had been allocated a diverse range of ethnicities to research over the week and have been looking at flags of the countries. They have used their design, art, maths and cooking skills to produce cookies decorated with the flag of their selected country. Everybody had a fantastic time and the flags certainly looked amazing. Thank you to all parents who took the time to join in and help all of the children, it was greatly appreciated.

Mad Science After School Club

Our new after school scientist have completed their first mission! They raced a balloon rocket, learnt all about thrusts and built their own shuttle Copter which they sent, high up into the sky! Here are a few pictures below;