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An Amazing Day At Ash End Farm

Year 1 have started their new topic ‘Food glorious Food’ by visiting the farm to find out where all our food comes from.

Year 1 Fun in the sun

Year 1 took some time out of the classroom this afternoon to practice working as a team in PE using a giant parachute.

Year 1 Amazing Animal Hunt

This week Year 1 have been investigating the amazing animals in our environment. They looked at micro-habitats and discovered the minibeasts living in them and they used a magnifying glass to look at the animals in greater detail.

Free Sessions From SEND

SEND Information, Advice & Support Service has arranged the following free session for parents/carers of children who have SEN and Disabilities. View the offer below

What a Mystery!

What  a mystery ! Why were the Year 1 classrooms all upside down? Who or what could have done it? Children began to think about it and  came up with some good suggestions: “It could be a giant”, “It must be some bad men” or “Could it be a dinosaur?” When they helped to tidy up the classroom, the children came across some very interesting clues and in the end decided it must have been a Viking Attack.

Whatch the News report here:


Christmas Arts with Parents

Children in Year 1 this week have been creating some very pretty Christmas decorations with their parents.  They have been making: Christmas trees, snowmen, reindeer’s and elf’s.


Snowman Making

Year 1 enjoyed playing in fake snow this week to create some interesting snowmen.

Victorian Day in Year 1

On Tuesday children in Year 1 experienced what it would be like to be a Victorian Child. Throughout the day they made Victorian Christmas pudding and played with Victorian wooden toys. They were very creative when making decoupage picture frames and Christmas Cards and were worked very hard when they visited the Victorian school room to do lessons and Victorian playground drill.

Chocolate fun in year 1

img_2095Children in year one have been having fun making delicious chocolate crispy cakes.  They will use this experience to help them with their recount writing.


Year 1 Remember

img_1945Year 1 have made stain glass window poppies and listened to the story: “Where the poppies now grow”. Shortlisted for the Coventrry Libraries book awards 2016.