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Fantastic Science Homework

Year 1 children have been looking at the different season in their Science lessons and have created some lovely seasonal posters for their homework.  Well done.

Splendid Skies

Year one students took to the skies last Tuesday to learn about wind! They showcased their kite flying skills to look at the direction of the wind as well as conditions which make great kite flying. As part of our topic children also looked at a wind sock which shows the direction of the wind as well as how windy it is. They discussed the Beaufort scale used to measure the strength of the wind and its direction. As part of the science curriculum children have discussed which material would be best for making their own kite. There were smiles all round as each child had a turn at flying a kite.

1SA Season Reports

1SA topic this term has been Splendid skies. As part of English children have been writing non fiction sentences to create a weather report.
They had great fun recording each other become weather news reporters!

Year 1’s Glorious Sky’s

Year 1 have fully immersed themselves into their new theme glorious skys. This week each class has gone on a trip to Lady Herbets Garden to see what beautiful flowers they could find. The children were excellent at finding all the flowers on their chart and now can apply this to their future learning about Glorious skys.

Year 1 Learning About Healthy Eating

Year 1 have been learning all about where food comes from and how we can eat healthy. The children had a visit from Subway today and were shown how to make a super healthy sandwich that had lots of vegetables in it to give them plenty of vitamins.

1ST’s Musical Extravaganza

Class 1ST displayed a colourful and energetic ‘Spring Celebrations’ assembly last Thursday morning. The eager audience were delightfully taken on a whirl wind tour of celebrations from around the world. All as a result of hard working children the audience were taken to Thailand to learn about Songkran, India to watch a colourful Holi dance, Gloucestershire, England to witness a cheese rolling event, Bulgaria to see the lovely Martenitsas hanging on a blossom tree to celebrate Baba Marta Day and an Easter song –Hot Cross Buns. There were songs, a dance and musical talents displayed on the chime bars. A lovely way to see in the Easter holidays. Well done to all the children for all their hard work they have earned a well-deserved rest!

100% Attenders in KS1

Well done to all the children in KS1 who managed to get 100% attendance this term. Nearly a third of the children achieved this. Next term we are looking to improve on this figure and get it up to half the KS1 children. Well Done!

Mother’s Day Song from 1SA

A surprise for the mum’s from 1SA!

To all the mothers – you truly are the Number 1 for us!

Year 1 Enjoyed painting like Picasso during Art Week

Year 1 Have had lots of fun learning about Picasso and coloring and painting in hi style.

Children are the Heart of the School

Today members of the School Council and Governing body had the difficult task of choosing the phase winners for the School Councils ‘Valentines Day’ class competition. Everyone was very impressed by the amazing designs.  WELL DONE everyone.

The winners are:

Phase 1 = RBS   runner up Nursery AM

Phase 2 = 1JR  runner up 2CP

Phase 3 = 3PM runner up 4IM

Phase 4 = 5BJ   runner up 6CS