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It’s back to work!

Children in RBS have been back to school for only a week  and are already busy and working hard. Here is just a glimpse of what our children have been doing.

Christmas Jumper Day

Look how amazing our Reception children look in their Christmas jumpers! They are so excited for Christmas.

‘Bottom, the Owl’ makes a flying visit!

What an exciting morning! In Reception, children have been looking at the story of Owl Babies. They did lots of work around the story, from sequencing the story to making paper plate owls to even making 3D owls. This morning, there was a special treat for them; two ‘real’ owls came to see them. Hawkwise Falconry brought owls for the children to see. The children were extremely excited and were very keen to hold  Bottom, the owl. They listened to instructions and very carefully held the owl. The children were very brave, even the teachers had the opportunity to hold Bottom. Reception children and staff would like to thank Hawkwise Falconry for bringing these beautiful owls to visit.



RAG have been very busy doing their bit for Children in need. They have helped to raise money and brought yummy cakes from home to sell in the cake sale.

Sequencing Stories in RHS

This week the children in Reception have been learning how to sequence the events of stories. They have used the fabulous Owl Babies story to help them learn about what happens at the start, middle and end of the story. They have even had some lovely props to play with, which they have used retell the story to each other.

The children have also been learning how to count one more. They have had to count how many frogs there are on a log, and then count one more!

Funny Bones!

In Reception, RBS have been reading the story called Funny Bones. They enjoyed learning about skeletons and did lots of activities around it.

Awesome Autumn!

This week the Reception children have been learning all about the different changes that happen during autumn. They have been outside, watching leaves fall off the trees and collecting pine cones and conkers. They have also been talking about why the leaves change colour, from green to yellow and brown. They have even learned an awesome song about all of the things that happen during autumn!

RBS Enjoy learning!

The children in RBS have been very busy since they started school in September. They have settled well into their new class and are working really hard with their teachers. They are eager to learn and always keen to try new activities.

Sensational Sunflowers

This week the Reception children have been learning all about flowers, and how they grow. They have looked at lots of different types of flowers, and discovered that they start off as a tiny seed, which grows in the ground, and eventually turns into a lovely flower.

To help the children understand how it works, they have been planting their very own sunflowers. Firstly, they had to put some soil into a cup. Then, they put the seed into the soil. The children then used a watering can to water the soil, because the seeds need water in order to grow! Finally, the children put their sunflower cups in the window sill so that they can absorb lots of sunlight, because they also need sunshine to grow. We are really excited about our sunflowers, and we will check on them every day to see if they are growing!

Minion Reading Challenge!

This week the children in Reception have been learning to put sounds together to make words, and reading the words to make sentences. They have had a little bit of help from some friends – the Minions! These clever creatures have challenged the children to see if they can blend their sounds together and read words, and have even provided some tricky alien words for the children to try out.

As well as having a lot of fun with the challenge, the children also get a star if they can read their words with a teacher, and if they get a star every week then they will win a lovely prize! We are all trying our best to sound out our words, with the help of the Minions!