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Diwali Designs

This week the children in Nursery have been learning all about Diwali – the Hindu festival of lights. We talked about how Hindus celebrate their special time of year, about the food they eat and the lamps they make. We then used paint and glitter to make some sparkly Diwali cards!

Creating Our Own Snacks!

This week, despite their jam-packed schedule, the children in Nursery have managed to sandwich in some time for a snack. However, they didn’t have their usual apples, pears or bananas – they made their own jam sandwiches! After reading The Little Red Hen, the children were inspired to help each other with each step of the process. First, they had to spread some margarine on their slice of bread. Then, they had the option of adding some delicious strawberry jam, before folding it over, carefully cutting it in half with a knife, and finally eating it. Yummy!

Blots and Blots of Paint!

This week, the children in Nursery have been making marks with paint by using pipettes. They had to learn how to use them, with their teachers helping them to squeeze the handles, dipping them into the paint pots and then releasing the handle to suck up paint. They then had a lot of fun squeezing the handle again, and watching the paint squirt and drip out onto tissue paper, creating wonderful patterns with blots of paint. Using the pipettes is quite tricky, so it also helps the children to improve their fine motor skills!

Music To Our Ears!

This week the children in Nursery have been exploring how to use a range of musical instruments. They have had great fun (and made an awful lot of noise!) pressing buttons on bells, shaking rattles, and hitting triangles and cymbals. Some children even improvised and pretended to use microphones to sing. It sounds like we’ve got the next generation of X-Factor stars!

Run, run, as fast as you can …

You can’t catch me – I’m the Gingerbread Man! This week, the Nursery children have enjoyed reading this fantastic story. They have listened to adults read it, and have loved looking at the books independently and acting out the story. They have also had a go at lots of different gingerbread man activities. They’ve been very busy decorating gingerbread men with different shapes, painting gingerbread men, and even conducting a scientific experiment to see what happens if you put a real gingerbread man in a bowl of water – he goes soft and crumbles into pieces. No wonder he is so scared of getting wet!

Making Our Mark

Before half-term, the Nursery children were exploring a range of techniques to make marks. They had lots of fun, and even got a little bit messy, with water painting, drawing on white boards, drawing with crayons, and using objects to paint. Of course, we remembered to wear our aprons! What a great time we had making our marks!

Technology in Nursery!

This week the Nursery children have been learning all about technology. We have had lots of fun exploring toys which have a variety of dials, switches, buttons and levers, to try and discover what happens when we use them.

Nursery Farm Visit

Nursery had a great time visiting a farm last week. Take a look at some of the photos we took on the day.

Models everywhere.

The children in nursery have been very busy making models with lots of different materials and media. They began by building a bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff using wooden bricks. This is quite a difficult task which lots of measuring to do to make sure the bricks were the right size. Some children made lovely models using the duplo and lego sets, and others explored box modelling, using glue, sellotape and masking tape to join boxes and make some amazing models. we are getting very skilled at using the hole punches and scissors to help us.


Nursery Places Available For September 2016

005Nursery places available for September 2016, Mornings or afternoons.
We also have places for 2 year olds who are born between September 2013 and December 2013. These places are funded and are subject to a certain criteria.
If you wish to apply for a place, please download the attached form or collect a form from the office, complete it and return it as soon as possible.
Places are filling up quick so don’t miss out!

Nursery Application Form 2016 (65.3 KiB)

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