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Year 5 West Midland Safari Park trip

On 28th June, Year 5 went to West Midland Safari Park to look at various animals like tigers, elephants and giraffes. Children know a lot about them thanks to Science lessons about animals’ life cycles and their habitats. Everyone was delighted with this experience as a majority of these animals live in other parts of the world. Even though it was very hot, children’s behaviour was fantastic and they learnt a lot. Well done year 5!

Year 5 and 6 Severn Trent Assembly

Year 5 and 6 have learnt a lot about water, both the good and the bad sides. Thanks to the courtesy of Severn Trent we were able to learn even more as we discovered how the water finds it way to our taps and what happens to it once it’s flushed in a toilet. We also thought how to use less water during everyday life. Special thank you to Malcolm from Severn Trent who politely found time to explain and show the whole process in a fascinating way.

Year 5 Art Week

Year 5 children have been working really hard during Art week, investigating and getting to know Frida Kahlo. This Mexican artist was a great source of inspiration for the young artists in Year 5. They developed their artistic abilities by drawing portraits and preparing the Andy Warhol-style pieces of art. Thanks to our visiting artists’ instructions, the children could make the most of their skills. Well done!

Andy Warhol-style posters


Listening to instructions

Work in progress

Children are the Heart of the School

Today members of the School Council and Governing body had the difficult task of choosing the phase winners for the School Councils ‘Valentines Day’ class competition. Everyone was very impressed by the amazing designs.  WELL DONE everyone.

The winners are:

Phase 1 = RBS   runner up Nursery AM

Phase 2 = 1JR  runner up 2CP

Phase 3 = 3PM runner up 4IM

Phase 4 = 5BJ   runner up 6CS

Year 5 RE work

During RE lessons in year 5, pupils have been learning about Judaism. Thanks to the visit of an expert, Ross Johnson, we learned a lot about food, clothes and other customs, traditionally associated with Judaism. The enriching session put a smile on all the children’s faces, as they could have a first-hand experience of Jewish traditions. Year 5 would like to wholeheartedly thank both our guest and Mrs Mitchell from Phase 3 for making it happen.