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We will Remember

Children in Year 1 have been learning about Remembrance Sunday and have created their own poppies to remember.

A Victorian start to the term

Children in Year 1 have been visited by three Victorian Ladies to start this terms topic of Victorians. Children were very interested in what the ladies had to say and were very keen to ask them lots of questions.

Year 1 – Fantastic Homework


This term Year 1 have had lots of fun creating different models for their homework.


Year 1 Art

Children in Year 1 have been learning about Aboriginal art during topic and have had fun creating their own crocodiles, bush babies, kangaroos, koalas and boomerangs.

Barnaby Bear Day

On the 7th September Year 1 children have been introduced to their new topic, ‘Where in the World is Barnaby Bear?’ Throughout the day they have been experiencing what it would be like to go on an aeroplane, tasted foods from different countries, used different media to draw different landscapes and create post cards about the places Barnaby visited.