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All about Owls

What an exciting time we have been having in Reception, we have been learning about so many new things. This week, we have been reading the story about Owl Babies. The children have been  really engaged and listened to the story really well. As a treat, children had a visit from Bottom, the Owl. Wow! The children were so excited about this friendly Owls visit, and did not forget their manners; they sat very sensibly and took it in turns to hold the owl by wearing a special glove. To extend their learning, children made their very own bird feeders. They were so proud with their creations!

Iggety, Ziggety, Zaggety Zoom!!

In Reception, we have been reading ‘Room on The Broom’ which fits in nicely with Halloween, a time when all the witches make a special potion and cast magic spells! Children in Reception decided to create their own magic potion. They used different coloured water, water that contained glitter, mixed it altogether in their cauldron and then said their magic spell. When the children were asked what their spell was they came up with some very interesting ideas. Watch out they might sprinkle their magic potion onto you!


Autumn Walk!

Children in Reception have been learning about autumn. They went on a walk to see the signs of autumn, they were excited about what they could see. The children were very observant and noticed that the leaves were not green anymore but had changed colour to yellow, red and brown. They talked about how the trees had become bare. Here are a few pictures from our walk.

So much to do!

Our new Reception children have settled into their new classes  and are very keen to learn and experience new things! There is always so much for our little learners to do!

Reception Art morning

Art and craft sessions are always a lovely time because it gives parents the opportunity to come into school and do some fun activities with their children. The children really enjoyed doing these art activities with their family, it was lovely to see both mums and dads taking time out to come and participate in the art morning. Thank you to Mrs Harrison and the parent volunteers who help organise such events. Here are some photos from the morning.