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We can use describing words

In Reception, children have been learning to write sentences using describing words. The teachers modelled how to write the sentences, then the children had a go for themselves. They were given an object to describe and were then asked to write sentences, independently. Lots of wonderful sentences were written using describing words.  Keep up the good work!

Yummy Pancakes!!

To celebrate the tradition of Pancake day, Reception children made delicious pancakes. It was very enjoyable, but at the same time it was educational too. Children used lots of good describing words to describe the texture and taste of the ingredients used. As a follow up activity, children will be writing instructions on how to make pancakes, therefore they were encouraged to use time conjunctions like ‘first’ ‘then.’ They did really well and were very sensible. They understood that the frying pan was hot, so putting the batter into the pan and cooking the pancake was the grown ups job!

Fire, Fire call the Fire Brigade!!

Reception children are certainly very lucky as they were visited by some very special people. They have been learning all about ‘People who help us’ and on Tuesday, the local Fire Brigade came to pay them a visit. The Firemen came with their Fire Engine and the children were very excited! The Firemen showed us their equipment and explained what they did. The children then had the chance to actually sit inside the Fire Engine and explore what a Fire Engine looks like from inside.  The children were fascinated and really enjoyed this experience. Reception staff would like to thank Coventry Fire Brigade for their valuable time and allowing our children to have this experience. Here is a glimpse of the morning.

Hardworking Little Red Hen

This week children in Reception have been reading the story about ‘The Little Red Hen.’ They have been looking at the story in detail, trying to understand the moral behind it which is that we should help each other and work as a team. To help their understanding they have been role playing using masks as props.

What if we had one less …

This week the Reception children have been learning all about subtraction. They have had to count a number of cubes, then take one away, and count how many were left. It was very challenging, but all of the children tried their best and had a lot of fun!

We have also been getting a bit messy outside, painting foil and seeing what happens. We used lots of different colours and really enjoyed ourselves!