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Reception Reading Challenge!

This week the Reception children have been taking on a tricky reading challenge. They had to use their phonics skills to sound out and blend, so that they could read some tricky sentences. They then had to match the sentences to the corresponding pictures. It was hard work, but the boys and girls in Reception tried their best and did really well. Our reading is getting so good that we are now ready for Year 1!

Sensational Sunflowers

This week the Reception children have been learning all about flowers, and how they grow. They have looked at lots of different types of flowers, and discovered that they start off as a tiny seed, which grows in the ground, and eventually turns into a lovely flower.

To help the children understand how it works, they have been planting their very own sunflowers. Firstly, they had to put some soil into a cup. Then, they put the seed into the soil. The children then used a watering can to water the soil, because the seeds need water in order to grow! Finally, the children put their sunflower cups in the window sill so that they can absorb lots of sunlight, because they also need sunshine to grow. We are really excited about our sunflowers, and we will check on them every day to see if they are growing!

Minion Reading Challenge!

This week the children in Reception have been learning to put sounds together to make words, and reading the words to make sentences. They have had a little bit of help from some friends – the Minions! These clever creatures have challenged the children to see if they can blend their sounds together and read words, and have even provided some tricky alien words for the children to try out.

As well as having a lot of fun with the challenge, the children also get a star if they can read their words with a teacher, and if they get a star every week then they will win a lovely prize! We are all trying our best to sound out our words, with the help of the Minions!

Helpful people…

This week, the Reception children have been learning about the different sorts of people who help us. If we have an emergency, we can dial 999 so that the police, fire service or ambulance service can come to help us. However, there are lots of other people who help us as well: if we need to cross a busy road, the school crossing patrol can help us; if we are feeling poorly, we can go to see a doctor; if we have a pet that is sick, we can take it to see a vet. The children have spent some time talking to each other about their experiences of being helped by some of these different people, and have had fun matching picture cards together showing who these people are and what they do.

Christmas Art Morning

This week the Reception children invited their mummies and daddies into school for a Christmas art morning. They had a lot of fun cutting and sticking reindeer bags together, and took them home to use during the holidays! Mummies and daddies had a lot of fun as well, helping their children with the creative activities. We’re all looking forward to a nice rest now!