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Science week in Nursery

This week is science week. In the nursery we have been having lots of fun. We have explored the ‘sticky’ properties of magnets, looked closely at objects through the magnifying glass and explored colour and light through mixing activities and with our new light panel. We have also explored what happens to ice as it melts. Here are some of the activities we enjoyed.

Chinese New Year

This week the Nursery children have started learning all about Chinese New Year, which takes place on Friday 16th February. We watched a video of the story of Chinese New Year, and have been looking at some special Chinese artefacts and talking about why they are important to people who celebrate Chinese New Year!

Nursery Christmas Party!

As it is the last week of Nursery before the Christmas holidays, the children have had a big party! This week we painted our party hats and made Christmas decorations to take home. We also brought in lots of tasty treats to eat with our friends during our party. We even had some singing and dancing to our favourite songs. Now we are ready for a nice rest over the holidays!

Christmas is coming!

This week the Nursery children are beginning to learn about Christmas. We have talked about what some people do at Christmas, like sharing food and giving presents. We have also been decorating our big Christmas tree with baubles and tinsel!

Diwali Designs

This week the children in Nursery have been learning all about Diwali – the Hindu festival of lights. We talked about how Hindus celebrate their special time of year, about the food they eat and the lamps they make. We then used paint and glitter to make some sparkly Diwali cards!