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School Nursing team – Summer Newsletter

Please take a moment to read the latest newsletter from the schools nursing team containing practical advice on the following topics for the summer:

  • Being Aware of Second-Hand Smoke
  • Internet and Mobile Phone Safety Awareness
  • Sun Safety

Sports Week

Last week Mr Watson worked very hard to deliver an awesome ‘Sports Week’. John Gulson children competed in many different events ranging from the spectacular egg and spoon race to a relay race. At the end of the events we even had some parents willing to take part in a parent egg and spoon race. A big thank you to Mr Watson for organising the event and an even bigger thank you to all the children and parents that took part in the events and made the week run very smoothly.

Reception Reading Challenge!

This week the Reception children have been taking on a tricky reading challenge. They had to use their phonics skills to sound out and blend, so that they could read some tricky sentences. They then had to match the sentences to the corresponding pictures. It was hard work, but the boys and girls in Reception tried their best and did really well. Our reading is getting so good that we are now ready for Year 1!

Year 5 visit Beaumanor hall

On Friday, all three Year 5 classes had the opportunity to visit Beaumanor Hall in Leicester. During their visit, children were given the chance to experience what it was like to be a World War 2 evacuee. From the minute they reached to the time they left, children were treated like evacuees.

Melat Ayalew 5BJ

My favourite experience was the Air Raid Shelter. We had to go underground to reach the shelter. It started off with a loud siren, then the banging on the roof from the bombs. Although I was scared, a little bit of excitement took over. It made me realise how harrowing it must have been for the civilians way back then.

Rihana Ahad 5HM

At Beaumanor Hall we did some decoding of messages because German bombers were coming to attack us. First, we were split up into two groups, the first group put headphones on and listened to the messages. They passed the message to the second group to decode. It was really fun, I wonder how people, in World War 2, did it so quickly?

Rizwan Bismillah 5MP

I was surprised with what was rationed during  World war 2, nowadays, you would get a lot more. I realised that if you were given a certain amount of butter, for example, and you finished it, then you would have to wait until the following week for your next supply. Food had to be rationed fairly, even if you were a VIP you would still be given a ration book and have to ration your food. Today, if we brought some flour it would come in packs of 500gms or even 1kg however, during the war you would have it weighed.


Coventry Blaze Tickets

Hi from Coventry Blaze!

As part of our Sport in the Community programme and thanks to the support of a number of our partners, we are able to offer a limited number of reduced price tickets to local schools for some of our home games.
We have three fantastic games coming up at the Skydome Arena on Wednesday 23rd August against Manchester Storm (7:30pm start), Sunday 27th August against Milton Keynes Lightning (5:15pm start) and Sunday 3rd September against Sheffield Steelers (5:15pm start) and we’d like to offer these reduced price tickets to your pupils for these games.
Tickets are available to you at the special price of £6 per ticket per and you can apply for up to 2 adults and 3 child tickets per game for up to two out of the three games.
If you’ve been to one of our games before, you will know what a great night watching Blaze ice hockey can be – if you haven’t been before, this is a great opportunity to see what you’ve been missing !
To reserve your tickets, all you need to do is email by 4.30pm on the 18th of August, with your name, your school, which game or games you would like to come to and the number of tickets you would like to book. There is nothing to pay now – you pay for your tickets on the night when you come to the game – but all we ask is that if you reserve tickets, you do come along or you will be depriving someone else of the opportunity.
Once we receive your email, we will send you a confirmation to let you know that you have been successful and then shortly before each game we will send you a detailed email with everything you need to know about the game.

We look forward to hearing back from you soon !