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All about Owls

What an exciting time we have been having in Reception, we have been learning about so many new things. This week, we have been reading the story about Owl Babies. The children have been  really engaged and listened to the story really well. As a treat, children had a visit from Bottom, the Owl. Wow! The children were so excited about this friendly Owls visit, and did not forget their manners; they sat very sensibly and took it in turns to hold the owl by wearing a special glove. To extend their learning, children made their very own bird feeders. They were so proud with their creations!

Anti-Bullying Week 2018: Choose Respect

ABW diagram

The theme for this year’s Anti-Bullying Week is to choose respect over bullying.

Following a consultation with over 800 children, teachers and members of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, it emerged that a top priority was showing that bullying is a behaviour choice, and that children and young people can set a positive example by opting to respect each other at school, in their homes and communities, and online.

The aims of this week are to support schools and other settings to help children and young people, school staff, parents and other professionals who work with children to understand:

  • The definition of respect

  • That bullying is a behaviour choice

  • That we can respectfully disagree with each other i.e. we don’t have to be best friends or always agree with each other but we do have to respect each other

  • That we all need to choose to respect each other both face to face and online

Diwali, Fireworks and Owls!

The children in Nursery have been learning so much over the past couple of weeks. On 5th November, we talked about Bonfire Night, and the children were very excited about all of the loud bangs they had heard at night time. We watched some fireworks on the big screen and used lots of different resources to create our own firework patterns.

We also learned about the Festivsal of Light – Diwali! We watched a video about how some families celebrate this special occasion, and talked about diva lamps and rangoli patterns, and then made our own!

The Nursery children had another special treat, as two owls came to visit us. We learned all about how the owl uses its wings to fly, and how it uses its claws to catch its food. The children had to be very quiet so they didn’t scare the owls, and lots of them were really brave, putting on a special glove and carefully holding one of the owls!

Remembrance service in West Orchards

On Sunday 5 pupils joined Mr Hussain in West Orchards Shopping Centre to represent the school and display some of the art work we have been making for Remembrance Day.

The art work will be displayed in West Orchards and then moved to Holy Trinity Church. The school received a certificate of appreciation from the Royal British Legion in recognition of the excellent work the classes have done.

Year 4 Roman Assembly

The year 4’s have been blowing people away with their amazing Roman Assembly this week. We had a solo singing performance From Gideon and lots of other songs from the whole cohort along with speaking parts from different children. You really were amazing on the day and you should all be very proud of yourselves. Here are some photos from the day and a video showcasing one of the songs.