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We can use describing words

In Reception, children have been learning to write sentences using describing words. The teachers modelled how to write the sentences, then the children had a go for themselves. They were given an object to describe and were then asked to write sentences, independently. Lots of wonderful sentences were written using describing words.  Keep up the good work!

Year 5 Space Art!!

Children in 5ES created their own abstract art using pastels based on the artwork of Peter Thorpe.

Look at the children’s creations, they look out of this world!

IMG_0075[1] IMG_0076[1] IMG_0067[1] IMG_0062[1]

Year 5 get creative in the Forest School!

Earlier in the week, the year 5 Forest School team got hands-on in the Forest School and created excellent pieces of artwork using the natural environment in the Forest School area.

Taking inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy, children worked in pairs to create real life representations of the natural world.

Below is what the children created!


Y5 work “Is out of this world!”

In the first week back, children in year 5 have been using their imaginations to create their own planets and inhabitants as well as creating their own space poems.

The children had to draw their planets and inhabitants and describe what they look like, what is on their planets and how the inhabitants survive.

Y5 also took part in a practical activity called “Mars Lander” in which they had to create a space lander which protected an egg when falling to the ground. The children worked in teams and enjoyed the activity.


Ancient Egyptians in Y5!

The children in year 5 have started the academic year by researching lots about Ancient Egypt.

Using books and the internet, the children have discovered all the important places and people that lived in the time of the Pharaoh’s.

The children created collages and posters to represent the most important aspects of ancient Egyptian life.   IMG_0018[1] IMG_0003[1]  IMG_0007[1]