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Dol Y Moch – July 2015

Plas Dol y MochPupils will be off to Plas Dol-y-Moch on Wednesday 22nd July. They are all busy packing and asking lots of questions. Remeber to check the equipment list provided by the school and have everything prepared well in advance.

Equipment List

Please aim to be at St. Elizabeth’s Primary School at 1.00pm, the coach leaves at 1:30pm.

It is about a 20 minute walk from John Gulson Primary to St. Elizabeth’s Primary so please leave in good time.

All the pupils are very excited and I am sure they will have a great time.
We will keep you posted on our activities via our twitter feed. Follow us on Twitter

Mine Walking

We were walking in a mine today and the most important thing I found out was that the people who help other people are the most useful team members. I had a great day. Aribah.

Mine Time

We spent most of the day in a slate mine. The mine had 5 levels. I saw lots of big pieces of slate and Connor, our instructor, told us a story about the miners. On the third level we climbed up a super steep piece of slate with a strong rope. When you looked at it from a distance it seemed so hard but when you were walking sideways on the slate it was surprisingly fun. The key to success was teamwork and we had a great day. Hamza S

My Little Pony

I walked up a gorge today. There was lots of fast flowing water as we had a lot of rain overnight. We couldn’t go into the water as it was too dangerous so we walked back through a field. As we crossed the field we saw 4 little ponies. They came up to us wanting some food. As me and Sunami were at the back of the group we ended up in the field on our own with the ponies. Eventually we got out safely and joined the rest of the group who were waiting for us. Aaliyah.

Marvellous minecraft

Today I went into a mine. I had a marvellous time. Firstly we went onto Level 1. We had a look around and found some marks the miners made to help them extract the slate with gunpowder. As we went further into the mine it got darker and creepier. Then we had to climb onto the second level. When we reached the top we had lunch. It was well deserved as we had been working hard. I had a fantastic time. Abdullah