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Safe Dol y Moch Arrival

After a very pleasant coach journey all children arrived safely at Dol y Moch and are settling in.

Return from Plas Dol Y Moch

All the children have safely returned from Plas Dol-Y-Moch. Everybody had a great time and there were lots of happy, if tired, faces on the coach home.
Lots of new friends were made and it was great to share our experiences with children from Spon Gate, Courthouse Green, Longford Park and Edgewick.

A great big thank you to all the staff involved in this trip:
Dol-y-Moch staff – Alistair, Faff, Martin, Andrea, Ed and Debs as well as all the admin and kitchen staff.
School Staff – Miss Bell, Miss Hegarty, Mr Prabhakar and Mr Thomas.

Thanks for making it such a memorable experience for us all.

Mr Watson

The labyrinth

The labyrinth was very fun and dark. We got locked in the pods and we had to answer the questions. After we answered the question it would give us one of the right numbers which would make the combination for the lock so we could escape. We all managed to get out eventually. By Theo


Today we were dropped off in the woodland and had to find  our way back to the centre. It took us two hours and forty five minutes. They had given us a map with check points on. It was tiring and amazing. When we got back we were congratulated that nobody had got hurt and that we had done it in one of the fastest times ever. I wish I could come back next year and do it again.BY MUHAMMED-ALI


We first went to the beach on the mini bus. We then took our kayaks into the sea. The waves were hitting us. We than walked into the sea and had a play. It was really fun. By Theo

Mountain climbing

On Saturday, we went and climbed a massive mountain. It was quite hard to get to the top but in the end we did! Firstly, there was a watery terrain. Next there was a marshy grass land . The gravity was pulling us down. Still we pressed on . Then came the rocky terrain. We had to clamber up the enormous rocks which was quite difficult. Once we had got to the top the wind was so strong it made everybody feel like we were going to fall of. After we had got down from the mountain, we headed of to the mini-bus to come back to the centre. BY MUHAMMED-ALI

Gorge Walking

First we climbed down the gorge it was fun. We then had to climb over slippery rocks. We went to a cave we then had to climb up the cave. We than had a challenge to jump off the edge of the ledge and jump in the water. It was fun. By Theo

Plas Dol-y-Moch Day 2

Everybody is fine and having a good time. The children will be blogging tonight so look out later for our updates. Please do not telephone the centre. No news is good news. If there is an issue I will contact parents.

Dol y Moch – Arrival

The pupils on the Dol y Moch trip have arrived safely. Keep an eye on the website and our twitter feed for updates on how they are doing.

Plas Dol-y-Moch Summer School

Good morning,

We will be leaving at 12.30pm from Courthouse Green Primary School TODAY.

I am looking forward to a great course with lots of wonderful activities such as canoeing, mountain walking, mine exploration and gorge walking.

I can’t wait to arrive at Dol-y-Moch and get settled into the dormitories ready for our adventure-packed course.

Keep up with our exploits by checking our website regularly and also following us on twitter #dym

Mr Watson