Being a Parent Governor

Parent governors are in a unique position on a governing body. Not only do parent governors have to think about working in the best interests of the school, but they have to balance this with their natural desire to see the best outcomes for their own child(ren). The aim of this briefing paper is to offer advice to new parent governors on their specific role and suggest ways of handling some of the tricky situations which may arise.

As a parent governor it will sometimes feel that you have to know everything about the school, but can’t talk about it; you have to be one everyone’s side; if you don’t do paid work, people imagine you have loads of free time . . . and you have to juggle all these expectations. As a parent you will already be an expert juggler, but developing your role as a governor will take time.

For further information regarding becoming please read the attached document. You can also arrange to meet with a member of the Senior Leadership of school or a member of the Governing Body to find out more information. Our Governing Body meet 7 times per year (generally on a Thursday at 4pm – 6.00 pm) and assist greatly in supporting the aims of the school. If you would like further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with school. .