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The building work at the front of the school is coming along very quickly. Soon be ready for everyone to see in September.

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Dol y Moch Summer School

Well done to all the children who went to Dol y Moch. You were a credit to the school and you had such an amazing time. A big thank you to Miss Greenwood for giving up her holiday to accompany you. See you all in September when you can fill me in on all the details. Have a good rest.

dol y moch return update

We are running slightly later than expected, we should arrive back about one o clock, at. Stoke Primary. The kids have been awesome and experinced some amazing adventures.


When I arrived it was not what I thought it would be! It is really fun and active. There are lots of games and equipment to play outside. I have been to canoeing, mining and finding creatures in rock pools! It’s been such fun. I am looking forward to kayaking tomorrow. See you Friday at 12.30

Samiya’s amazing adventure in doly moch

When we first arrived at doly moch we went to eat our food then we got to see our bedroom after that we got to explore the playground which is so nice there was a basketball court , football and a volleyball court then we brushed our teeth

the next couple of day was adventurous we got to go mining and canoeing also the beach and found some crabs and mini beasts

After we finished all the activities we did a photo trail and there was a picture of an object and we have to answer the questions and we did labyrinth

Dylans amazing adventures at Doly Moch!!!

Finally arrived on Monday! We are having such a great time. We have done so many exciting things such as gorge walking where we got very wet, swimming in a river! Mining today and canoeing. Tomorrow I am looking forward to abseiling n the mountain and going to the beach to Elmore the rock pools and have an ice cream.


Had a fab day, went to the beach rock pooling, but hurt my foot. had a yummy ice cream. Dinner was lovely. had hot chocolate and sang songs around the campfire. time for bed now!

Maariyah’s Doly Moch adventures



H i, it’s me , Maariyah and I am going to tell  you about my trip at Doly Moch . Firstly we got all our gear and set off to the seaside. There was a massive steep grassy hill that I thought I would never get up however image it.as well as that, we got ice cream which was tasty, it’s bed time now but I’ll tell you more tomorrow

linkas first day at dol y moch

Hi there,it’s linka I had a great time at dol y moch . Today  my group went gorge walking and the water was freezing cold  ,and I faced my fear of cold water (witch I hate) but it was so much fun  and  I hope the children who are going next year have fun.

DolYMoch update

Hi everyone

We have arrived safely and had a fab first day gorge walking ( more swimming than walking)lol. Beach scrambling, rock pooling, ice creams and more. All kids are well behaved, making new friends and having a thoroughly great time. Pics to follow this evening, so keep checking……